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How to remove cookies

Computer cookies are stored on your computer by websites you visit and contain information such as website​ pref​eren​ces ​or logi​n stat​us. Most cookies are harmless, but they contain information about the websites you have visited or may contain logon and personal information you entered. Some websites may also allow other websites to put third-party cookies on your computer.

If you share your computer with other users, it is a good idea to remove cookies on a regular basis. Removing cookies stored by your browser helps you protect your online privacy. In some cases, for security reasons, you may want to disable cookies, but it may limit some websites operating. So it is better to allow cookies for websites that you specify.

Most browsers allow you to configure cookie settings the way you need.

Remove cookies from your computer

This is a simple guide that explains to remove or disable cookies in different browser to ensure your privacy is protected.
How do I remove cookies in Internet Explorer?
How do I remove cookies in Firefox?
How do I remove cookies in Google Chrome?
How do I remove cookies in Safari?

Remove cookies in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9/ Internet Explorer 8

If you wish to remove all cookies:

Open the Tools menu and click Internet Options.

Then select the General tab.

To remove cookies automatically check the box next to Delete browsing history on exit.

In the Browsing History section click 'Delete'.

Uncheck the 'Preserve Favorite Website Data' option, select 'Cookies' and click Delete.

If you need to remove only specific cookies and keep others, in the Browsing History section click 'Settings' and then click View Files.
Select the cookies you want to delete and press Delete.

If you want to disable cookies:

Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

Then open the 'Privacy' tab, click the Advanced button and select 'Block' for first-party and/or third-party options.

To remove cookies in Internet Explorer 7.0:

Select Tools.

Select Internet Options.

Open the General tab.

Under Browsing history click the Delete button.

Click the Delete cookies button and then click Yes.

Click Close and then click OK.

Remove cookies in Firefox

To remove cookies in Firefox 3.0:

Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Clear Private Data'.

Select 'Cookies' and click 'Clear Private Data now'.

To remove cookies in Firefox 2.x:

Select Tools.

Select Options.

Select Privacy.

Under Private area click Clear Now.

Select 'Cookies' and click 'Clear Private Data now'.

Remove cookies in Google Chrome

Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete, then select 'Delete cookies' and click 'Clear browsing data'.

Remove cookies in Safari

To remove cookies in Safari:

Select Edit.

Select Preferences.

Click Security.

Click Show Cookies.

Select the cookies and click Remove. If you want to delete all cookies, click 'Remove All'.

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