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How to delete cache

Why you should delete cache

There are several reasons why you may want to delete cached files in your browser. Deleting cache files can significantly improve the speed and performance of your browser and ensures that anyone who uses the same computer will not be able to see your browsing history. To protect your privacy you should regularly delete cache in your browser.

This article describes how to delete cache in different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

How delete cache in Internet Explorer?
How to delete cache in Firefox
How to delete cache in Safari
How to delete cache in Opera

How to delete cache in Internet Explorer

Select Tools -> Internet Options.

Open the 'General' tab.

In the 'Browsing history' area click 'Delete' button.

In the 'Delete browsing history' window click 'Delete files'. This will delete all the files that are currently stored in your cache.
Click 'Yes', and then click 'Close'.

How to delete cache in Firefox

Select 'Tools', then 'Options'.

Select 'Privacy'.

In the Private area click 'Clear Now'.

In the 'Clear Private Data' window put the check mark for 'Cache' and click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Click OK to clear cache.

How to delete cache in Safari

Open the 'Edit' menu and select 'Empty Cache'.

Click 'Empty' to confirm that you want to empty the cache.

How to delete cache in Opera

To delete browser cache in Opera:

Open the Edit menu.

Select Preferences.

Open the Advanced sub-categories and select "History".

Select "Empty now" next to "Disk Cache" and "Memory Cache".

Click OK.

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