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Your browser stores information about every website you have visited, every search string you have entered in a search engine, information you have typed into web forms, and more.

Browser history stored on your computer is useful as it speeds up loading of web pages making surfing more convenient. But browser history may compromise your privacy. With relatively little effort, a person can use the information found in your browser history to put together a fairly comprehensive profile of you Internet surfing habits.

To protect your privacy you should clear browser history from your computer. But if you clear browser history using the 'Delete history' option in your browser, it doesn't delete history forever as it actually deletes the references to your browser history files but files contents are still kept on your hard drive. To completely delete browser history, you should use special files shredder software.

How to clear browser history

How do I clear browser history in Internet Explorer?

To clear browser history in Internet Explorer 8.0:

Select Tools.

Select Delete browsing history.

Select the necessary options and click the Delete button.

To clear browser history in Internet Explorer 7.0:

Select Tools.

Select Internet Options.

Open the General tab.

In Browsing history area click the Delete button.

Click Delete history and then Delete All.

Click Close and then click OK.

To clear browser history in Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x:

Go to Tools and select Internet Options.

Open General tab, click Clear history.

What do I do to clear browser history in Firefox?

To clear browser history in Firefox 3.0:

Open the 'Tools' menu and select 'Clear Private Data'.

Put the check mark for the necessary options and click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Click OK.

How do I clear browser history in Safari?

Select Edit, then Reset Safari.

Remove check marks for history items you don't want to clear.

Clear history - clears history of visited websites;

Empty the cache- clears temporary files where Safari saves visited webpages;

Clear the Downloads window - clears the list of files you've downloaded;

Note: this only removes references to files. The files themselves still exist on your disk until you delete them permanently.

Remove all cookies - removes stored cookies.

Remove all website icons - removes visited websites icons stored on your computer.

Remove saved names and passwords - removes user names and passwords, which Safari stores if the AutoFill feature is turned on.

Remove other AutoFill form text - removes different personal information, such as name and address which Safari remembers if the AutoFill feature is turned on.

Clear searches - clears recent search history.

Clear browser history in Opera

To clear browser history in Opera:

Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.

Select Navigator under the Category listing.

Select Clear History in the History area.

Click OK to clear browser history.

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